Here’s a list of some cool things I’ve done that you may have not known about me
  • Studied abroad my senior year of high school, living in Germany with a host family
  • Repelled down the side of the Boise State University Student Union Building
  • I may or may not have snuck onto the roof of The Village shopping center in Meridian, Idaho
  • I may or may not have snuck into a private Givens Purlsey LLP (law firm in Boise) company party, and pretended to be a German named Stefan who worked in the mail room
  • Served a full-time two-year mission in Boise, Idaho
  • Used a German accent whenever I went on exchanges with other missionaries, immediately piquing the curiosity of those otherwise uninterested in what we had to say
  • Operated a vending machine business in high school out of 6 different lockers. I would “go to the bathroom” and come back stacked to the brim in snacks that I’d sell to my classmates and a few cool teachers
  • In May 2015, I started my own business, Prism Social, working as a social media consultant for small businesses
  • I have flown as a passenger from Idaho City to Gowen Field in a Black Hawk helicopter
  • I wore lederhosen to a session of the German Bundestag (their equivalent to Congress)
  • I have been inside the giant cooling towers of the nuclear power plant in Gundremmingen, Germany
  • I have stood over active uranium submerged in water while touring a nuclear power plant
  • I’ve been to Oktoberfest and had a giant pretzel and a Pepsi
  • Repelled from the ceiling of Holt Arena, ISU’s football stadium