Weekly Whatevers

If I Could Own a Professional Sports Team…

I’d buy the Washington Capitals. Being from Virginia, we didn’t have any professional teams. DC was the closest bet, and all their teams (Redskins & Nationals) aside from the Caps suck. I don’t know anything about DC United, though.

I actually loved penguins so much growing up that my favorite team was the Pittsburgh Penguins. Back in middle school, my dad bought me an old jersey off of eBay and took me to a Penguins vs. Caps game on my birthday! He loved me enough to take me to a home game while I wore the bitter rival’s colors. I walked away with a Capitals hat, though, so I’ve come around since then.

Game I Loved as a Kid

A lot of my favorite video games, actually, come from watching my dad play when I was a kid. Serious Sam is one of the games I enjoyed watching him play. Apparently, there’s even a new VR version on Steam! Pretty cool. Nothing like shooting harpies with cannonballs in Egypt.

Half Marathon

I signed up for my first half-marathon! One step closer to running a full. It’ll be in the heat and humidity of the Virginia summer. I’m running the Freedom Fighters Half in Quantico which benefits the Semper Fi Fund. Pretty excited. I’ve been slowly upping my game, recently, and hit 9.8 miles as my new “Farthest I’ve Ever Run” run (you can follow me on Strava). Just fighting off runner’s knee and jamming to new podcasts.

Podcast Episode I’ve Loved

One of my recent discoveries is NPR’s new How I Built This podcast. I specifically loved the TOMS: Blake Mycoskie episode. Serial entrepreneurs fascinate me, especially when they have novel ideas. This one gave me some creative thoughts to bolster SpareSpace.

Haribo Pico-Balla

We’re slowly starting to dip into our supply of candy and chocolate we brought back from Germany. I never had these while I lived there (there are so many Haribo flavors), but I absolutely loved them! In fact, I ate them all before I could take a picture! They’re fairly similar to Hi-Chews in taste and texture, but the shape and flavors are different. Find them on Amazon.



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