An Engineer’s Reading List

I’m making this list as more of a personal resource, but one that I feel others would be really interested in. I haven’t been into reading non-fiction or engineering fiction (a term of my own crafting), but I’m really looking to stretch my brain in new ways. This will be a living document. All the book links are to Amazon, and I am not paid by them in any way. I’m also looking to get more into long-form blogging.

The tl;dr version is an Amazon list I put together: Engineering Book List.

Personal List

Two books that fall into this category (and I absolutely loved them both) are:

Elon Musk

Not quite the same thing, but the real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk, points to these books (according to Lifehack) as a stepping stone for him:


I took to subreddit, /r/AskEngineers to ask a broader audience books they’ve found that emulate The Martian. Post: Other Engineering Fiction Like The Martian. They said the genre I’m looking for is “hard sci-fi“, which is based on real science. Here’s my post, followed by a compiled list of the recommendations:


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