I’ve liked the Tim Ferriss 5-Bullet Friday format due to its conciseness and spontaneity. I’ll run with it and keep it as a format for a while since I don’t have a ton of time between classes and want to be putting something out regularly. I’m sorry, but Tim get’s mentioned a lot in my posts.

Jammin’ To
“Chinchilla” by Feed Me. I came across this song through the subreddit r/EDM. And it’s way good. I’ve been looking for something echoes the sounds of Porter Robinson and Madeon.

Looking Forward To
In March, Shalene and I are going to German for spring break (10 days total). It’s just around the corner, and we’re having fun finalizing plans. I’ve been using Trello, and bouncing ideas off of friends and family. We really wanted to see all of Germany—especially Berlin—but we’re staying local to Bayern and Austria to minimize dead-time on the train. Tim Ferriss talked about half the reward of a pre-planned trip being the anticipation, and boy was he right! It’s getting real!

Nerding Out Over
Trump’s wall. Not that it’s happening, just that a structural engineer took the time to break it down for us on imgur. I came across it on the subreddit r/AskEngineers. Pretty funny!

Skill I’m Honing
Drawing! Follow me on DeviantArt. Looking for requests, art trades, friends, accountability, etc. Need ideas on new things to draw. I’ve been sketching out superheroes and characters from StarCraft, but I’m running out of things to keep my momentum.

Something That’s Blowing My Mind
I’m reading 4 books at once! I’m still working on The 4-Hour Body and The Japanese Mind. I’ve also picked up The Man in the High Castle as a fiction novel. It’s been on my list of what to read next, and I don’t like reading more than one book at once, but at night, I’ve gotta have something fiction. Additionally, I’m reading the Book of Mormon in German (one of my resolutions), so I’m spread pretty thin haha! You can follow me on GoodReads. My resolution for the year is to read 6 books so this would be two-thirds of my goal knocked out hopefully by the summer!


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