2017 Resolutions

Back in my Books Read in 2016 post, I talk about how I actually do have plenty of free time! Oftentimes, I choose to allocate that towards unproductive things like Netflix and video games. I realize I can’t just be a productivity machine, but I’ve identified things that have previously been whims and wishes on developing talents that make me happy and set SMART goals for each one, ensuring accountability in 2017. I’m also using Trello to keep myself organized.

Here’s the condensed version of my list of 2017 resolutions in case you didn’t want to read the entire post. I’ve outlined them each in a bulleted list here briefly and then expanded further. 

  • Become a Confident Swimmer—Physical Goal
  • Learn C#—Professional Goal
  • Read the Book of Mormon in German—Spiritual and Developmental Goal
  • Code My Own Website—Professional Goal
  • Max My Army Physical Training Test—Physical and Professional Goal
  • Become Confident Drawing from Memory—Developmental Goal
  • Read 6 Books—Developmental Goal (this could be any of the goals, depending on which book)
  • Make Headway on My Book and Comic—Developmental Goal

Become a Confident Swimmer

I’ve tried to keep them diversified, spreading them across physical (2), developmental (4), spiritual (1), and professional (3) goals. Now for the extensive list—enjoy and provide feedback for me!
Storytime: At scout camp, you start out by qualifying as a swimmer in the lake. One year, I was basically drowning the whole time trying to hold my oversized swim trunks on. I touched the dock to reorient myself and my shorts, and they wanted to kick me out, but I explained, and they said to carry on and finish.
I’ve always been a terrible swimmer, even having taken lessons as a kid. It comes down to efficiency. I don’t use my legs at all—they just drag behind me.
A video of me drowning in Upper Palisades Lake from a recent hiking trip for your viewing pleasure:
Not only would this make me feel on top of the world, but it’s also a lifelong cardio workout.

SPECIFIC: Become a confident swimmer by 1) form habit of swimming Saturday mornings, and 2) following Tim Ferriss’s method on being a better swimmer

MEASURABLE: Become comfortable in swimming regularly and able to control breathing
TIME-BOUND: End of summer 2017

Learn C#

I came to this goal through the failure of ISU’s engineering clubs. I’m the president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, with the Society of Automotive Engineers as a sister-club. Engineering students, however, don’t care about their résumés while in the midst of strenuous curriculum, so participation has been extremely low. I’m tired of my future being out of my hands. To internalize this problem, I decided to teach myself C#. It’s a coding language for Arduinos and has other robotics applications. This way I’m continuing to build my résumé without being at the mercy of my peers.

SPECIFIC: Become confident with C# by 1) finishing the YouTube tutorial series by Brackey, and 2) take on a coding project to prove skills
MEASURABLE: Complete coding project as a test of skills
TIME-BOUND: Before the end of the spring semester

Read the Book of Mormon in German

Both a spiritual and a personal development (German) goal, this is a carry over from last year. I’ve already read more this year than last, though, so we’re off to a good start! haha

SPECIFIC: Read the BoM in German for the sake of reading it through, as well as to practice German
TIME-BOUND: Before the end of the year

Code My Own Website

In high school, I started to teach myself HTML. This is an opportunity to add another coding language to my toolbelt, as well as to launch a site to host my blog and market myself.

SPECIFIC: Continue to learn HTML through W3Schools tutorials
TIME-BOUND: End of the year

Max PT Test

Maxing my PT test would seal the deal for branching Army Aviation. I need to work on sit-ups and interval running for my two-mile. I already max my push-ups.

SPECIFIC: 1) Maintain regular workout schedule, 2) cater PT plans to APFT, and 3) establish personalized and APFT-oriented workout routine
MEASURABLE: score of 300+ on APFT
TIME-BOUND: April 2016

Become Confident Drawing from Memory

Growing up, I either wanted to be an engineer or a comic book artist. This is helping me revive a flame of the past. I really do enjoy drawing, but wish I was better at it (especially drawing people).

SPECIFIC: 1) Complete one legit drawing per week, 2) practice drawing from memory, 3) popcorn drawing challenge, 4) take an illustration class, 5) accountability by posting to DeviantArt each week

MEASURABLE: Be able to draw Iron Man and Batman from memory in any position



TIME-BOUND: End of year

Read 6 Books

This is the same as last year’s reading goal (I read 5/6, by the way!). I’ve decided I need to better allocate my relaxing time towards something like reading, rather than Netflix or video games.
SPECIFIC: 1) Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (I love the Freakonomics podcast), 2) The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, 3) one of the marriage books gifted to me by Julianne, 4) Sojourn by RA Salvatore, 5) Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick, 6) some other unnamed fiction novel. Average 1 book every 2 months
MEASURABLE: Complete. Track progress in GoodReads, and record page count each week
TIME-BOUND: End of year

Make Headway on My Book and Comic

I’m an idea guy. My iOS Notes app and my Google Docs are full of half thought out ideas. Well no longer! I really do want to start putting pen to paper in a way that will really stretch me!
SPECIFIC: Write 100 words per week; drawing from memory goal
MEASURABLE: screenplay and rough sketches of first volumes done
TIME-BOUND: End of year

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