The List App

This app is actually pretty legit. I first came across it in Tim Ferriss’s interview of BJ Novak, the actor that plays Ryan Howard in The Office. The List App is the brainchild of BJ as a way to eliminate the millions of entries in your Notes app, and instead has created a social platform around living and shareable lists. The app even generates prompts to inspire you to create more lists.

Some of the lists I’ve created for 1) just organizing my thoughts, and 2) to have fun:

Another sweet feature is that you can make your list “public”, opening other users to the option of sending you suggestions to add to your list. For example, if I missed an amazing restaruant here in Poky, someone could hit me up and say, “You forgot X.”

It can get pretty fun. Like anything still experiencing growing pains, it’s hard to get people to adopt, but once you find a couple of friends, it works great (think tumblr before it was big).

Give me a follow. My username is JonnyMHenderson.


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