Favorite Video Games

Splinter Cell Series
My favorite games tend to be the sneaky stealth games. I usually end up playing some kind of shadow, rogue character. So Splinter Cell was an instant fit. With the military vibe, coupled with the suspense of getting caught, it made for a totally fun game.
A random side note: I had a Navy SEAL game on the PS2 that I was struggling with. I remembered playing Splinter Cell, and used a similar technique. I picked a sniper weapon for my primary, and walked around with my pistol most of the time. It worked much better for me.
Neverwinter Nights
I love the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This game was so fun for me. I loved the quests, the customization, and the storyline. My favorite book series is The Legend of Drizzt, and he’s even mentioned a couple of times throughout the game. Aaah! I just love this one.
I quickly fell in love with everything about this game. I would read the lore, watch the storyline videos, and even read a book (Queen of Blades). I remember going to work with my dad on the weekends when no one was at the office, and we’d all play StarCraft together. My buddy and I would also always play throughout high school. Team Zerg all the way!
I haven’t played the second one yet, though…
Pokémon: Gold Version
For Christmas one year, my brother and I each got a Gameboy Color with a Pokémon game. Obsessed with Pokémon as a child, I spent every waking minute on that thing, burning through countless AA batteries. Our generation will never know the pains of the wormlight.
Batman Arkham Series
Never has there been a better superhero game than this series. In fact, never has there been a superhero video game I have enjoyed playing (aside from City of Heroes). Why is it that they all suck?!
This series seriously busts out every obscure character from the Batman universe to come kick the caped crusader’s butt. But that, of course, never happens.
Exploring is usually my favorite part of a game, so Skyrim’s open-map concept kept me entertained for sooooo long! I rarely pursued quests. I just looked for caves. Unless there were bears in the caves. Those things killed dragons more often than not!

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