Allergy Season

A couple of weeks ago I was “sicky Ricky”. Allergies knocked me on my butt this year, and my sinuses were insanely inflamed. In fact, I ended up with bronchitis out of the deal.

Because I was so sick, I missed both a Statics and a Physics exam one Friday morning. I had tried studying all evening, but eventually I hit a threshold where I knew I wasn’t going to school the next day.

I slept on the couch, since I knew it’d be a rough night. It hurt to breathe and swallow, there was a crazy amount of pressure in my face, and my eyes were watering. I tried watching Netflix until I fell asleep of shear exhaustion.

I woke up to a pounding on the door. I got up, looked through the peephole and recognized my landlord, Rod. He was in the middle of replacing our dishwasher, so I was expecting him. I yell, “Hold on,” and run to throw on clothes. There was another pounding, and I thought to myself, “He has a key. Why doesn’t he just come in?” I opened the door, and there were two Pocatello PD officers standing there. The one who was knocking visually recoiled when I answered the door, immediately asking if I was alright. I was a mess, answered, “No,” and that I was dying of allergies.

They said that my professor was worried because I didn’t show up for an exam that morning, and that it was super unlike me. What a pal! I was seriously blown away that that would happen! I had a missed call from the university, so I’m betting my professor notified Public Safety, and when they couldn’t get ahold of me, then sent the coppers a knockin’.

How many of you can say a professor called the cops on you? Not many, I imagine. And it’s usually not something to brag about. But this professor is a rockstar. He gave me his cell number and told me to call him throughout the semester if I ever had questions with homework, etc.

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