The Cokeville Miracle

A well-executed, suspenseful film on finding faith. The Cokeville Miracle, although a story about a community of members belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), sticks to a generic Christian, only incorporating generally recognizable elements to Christianity.
The only three hints of LDS elements are 1) the church building, 2) the dressy attire when attending church, and 3) as the father is rediscovering his faith in church, the children are singing “A Child’s Prayer“, a song out of the LDS Children’s Songbook.
The premise is that a man and his wife hold an elementary school hostage with a bomb and several firearms. The bomb goes off, but none of the children or teachers are killed—a miracle! Only the female would-be bomber is killed, and the male bomber commits suicide.
I also saw this film with my fiancée, a middle school teacher. It made me thoroughly question what I would do if I were present in the situation. What would you do? As a teacher? As a parent?
TC Christensen also took the amazing opportunity to recognize the miracles around us every day. What miracles have you seen in your life?
Most prolific in the film, I would say, was the text in the ending credits. It states that not all situations like this turn out to be miracles like in Cokeville, Wyoming. We don’t know why. But it also highlights how not all lepers or blind individuals in Jesus’s time were healed.

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