Introducing the Future Mrs. Jonathan Henderson…

Monday, April 20th, 2015
If one song could be my anthem for Mondays it would be, “Just another Manic Monday.” I swear EVERY Monday I frantically scrabble to get ready, to get out the door somewhat on time…and yet….I fail miserably. April 20th was not an exception. That morning I woke up, and attempted to pull myself together.
Once school started, things started to mellow out and get back into routine. In fact, I was ahead of the game and feeling rather productive that day. I even found time to research textbooks and curriculum for next year’s We the People class and sent an email to the principal, Mrs. Dortch and the vice principal, Steve Andrew. It was then at lunch that Mrs. Dortch and Mr. Andrew used that email against me. 😉
Mrs. Dortch casually suggested meeting with me during 6th hour’s We the People class to discuss this new curriculum…stating that Mr. Andrew could watch my class for a few minutes while we met. I didn’t think anything of this. It was out of the ordinary for me to meet with the administration. This suggestion made total sense in my mind.
At exactly 2:45pm, Mr. Andrew casually walked into my 6th period class. The students were busy working and I was at my desk grading. I filled him in on what the kids were working on and I went quickly down to the principal’s office. Surprisingly Mrs. Dortch and I had a very productive meeting. She held her cool quite well. After only six minutes, Mrs. Dortch received a text message from Mr. Andrew that she was needed back in my classroom. Made sense to cut the meeting short. We walked back down to my classroom together, continuing to talk about next year’s classes. It wasn’t until I opened my door that I realized all was not routine and normal.
Staring back at me were 15 students with phones and tablets. Mr. Andrew himself had a camera out and focused on me. I literally took a step back into the corner. It was then that Jonny stepped out and walked towards me. Everything felt like a dream and blur. I was so surprised and caught off guard. Never before had my personal life and my work life collided like this before! I even asked Jonny if this was really happening….BEFORE I said ‘yes,’ when he asked me to marry him. [so embarrassing]

After I said a hesitant yes….don’t ask me why I said yes so questionably. I KNEW I wanted to marry him and had already decided I would say ‘yes,’ I was just sooooo surprised by everything! I realized that the hall was filled with onlookers; students and teachers eagerly watching and waiting in anticipation, loving their involvement. I am so grateful that Jonny included “my kids” and friends in this. My kiddos will forever remember their involvement in our relationship and so will I. I love Jonny so much and I love picturing a future with him. So goodbye Miss Summers, hello Mrs. Henderson!

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