Henderson Expo

I started Just Jonny as more of a journal where I could post stories or thoughts to keep people at home updated. It’s been nice having an “audience”, though, and it keeps my writing honed, rather than just writing out of obligation. It started as a continuation of my weekly emails, where I’d post a synopsis of my week so people back home felt connected to what I was doing. This is what I want to make my “new project”.
My idea is this: post daily, but have a theme for each day (mimicking Instagram’s #mcm, #wcw, and #tbt sort of idea). I’ve thought long and hard about this one. I am an eclectic individual with a vast range of interests that have seemingly nothing to do with one another. A sample: Katy Perry, super heroes, technology, German, spirituality, etc. So because The Hate List has taken off so well, I think I just might be able to pull this off. I think I think I’ve converted my audience to my writing style and sense of humor, rather than my content. Assuming that’s correct, my little cult will read whatever I post (Ex. I saw Iron Man because I love superheroes, but I became a fan of RDJ, and will now watch a movie because he’s in it, even if there aren’t superheroes).
My tag for just about everything is some variation on “starkexpo”. I’m going to run off of that, rename this blog Henderson Expo, and have the daily themes, using “expo” as a way to display my personality though inter-connected posts. The idea has always been with me, but I tweaked the execution from how a friend runs her blog. This is my rough draft:
  • Music Monday: songs, bands, albums—the works
  • Tech Tuesday: Anything and everything tech, from apps to Elon Musk to Apple
  • Comic Wednesday: new comics come out on Wednesday, so the theme’s consistent. My favorite superheroes, new movies coming out, and sketches I do, since I draw a lot (or at least want the accountability of “having” to draw weekly)
  • Deutsch am Donnerstag: German language or culture related post every week
  • Free Friday: No theme. Free range to write about whatever!
  • Story Saturday: I’ve mostly sold people on my story telling. I write to entertain. They’re longer posts, but it saves me from having to retell the same story all the time.
  • Spiritual Sunday: a convenient way to display spiritual thoughts and maybe reach some people I wouldn’t otherwise have much contact with
It’ll be a crazy amount of work, but I think I can devote Sunday entirely to writing every week. So there’s no theme to the blog as a whole, per se, except that everything is related to me, if that makes sense. And what I mean by that is that I regularly get texted pictures related to Batman, Katy Perry, etc, because I tend to obsess over something, rather than just like it, so people instantly relate those things to me. I think that will help it “sell”.
This will also be an opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers I’m friends with, as well as giving me a prompt to crank out content where I otherwise would be at a loss.

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