The Truth

The TRUTH….aka…The RIGHT Side of the Story.

When asked what I do for a living, the following is asked in this EXACT order:
#1. What do you teach?
#2. What grade/age level do you teach?
#3. MIDDLE SCHOOL?!?! Seriously….Wow, it takes a “special” person to teach that age group.
Yes, it does take a special person to teach 11-14 year olds. BUT, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because, every day is an ADVENTURE.

My side of the story:
After months of preparation, my kiddos and I were off to Boise to participate in the State Level Future City Competition. We were all excited for our trip….but I was probably looking forward to it the most. A day off from school. My own hotel room. A T-Shirt. A DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL. Who wouldn’t be want to spend their weekend with a group of hormonal, pre-pubescent adolescents?
My students rocked the competition. Unfortunately, they didn’t do as well as they would’ve hoped. In the spirit of helping encourage and lift them out of their discouragement, I put myself in the forefront of distracting them….which was just embarrassing myself.  After my students found out I thought the “Segway Guy” was cute. We, in a 100% purely JOKING manner developed a FAKE plan to have a couple of my students act as my wingmen and get his number. Needless to say, the joke was on me. My students thought this would be a “great” idea and should be acted on immediately.
It was at that moment, in mid-discussion of this joke that Jonny walked right into my students trap. Seventeen kids immediately gathered around him. I on the other hand ran to the opposite side of the conference room. I watched the train wreck from a distance. I knew the only way I could save my self-respect, pride and social graces was to talk to him. So embarrassingly Jonny and I spoke for the LONGEST three minutes of my life. (All while students took pictures, sat nearby and yelled encouraging comments.)
I regretted teaching middle schooler’s at that moment….
Yes, I ended up texting Jonny. I had too. I found out later on that one of my students got his number by telling him I would buy him dinner if he successfully got his number. (Which I did agree too…thanks KFC $3.00 meal.) But still….he told Jonny that!? Oh gosh…this seriously was horribly. I simply texted Jonny that I appreciate him humoring my kids and I apologize for the situation. That was it. I’ll admit Jonny was good at texting. He brought his A game and I agreed to go on a walk with him when I returned to Boise a couple weeks later.

The walk turned into more texting, talking, a trip to Poky, to Boise, Idaho Falls, Face timing every night…all leading up to this one crazy adventure. A culmination of a fast-paced, strong connection with someone who was stranger to me only a couple months ago.
Teaching middle school is always an adventure. This embarrassing adventure just happened to work out in my favor this time. Thanks kids!

P.S. I have to humble Jonny a little bit here. He thinks he is such a charmer and can woo any lady, but the reality is…I have a few tricks up my sleeves and I have helped him tons!

I promise I am not an awkward, desperate, or unprofessional person…despite how much this embarrassing story makes you believe it.


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