She Liked Me for My Segway

I participate in the Boise State ROTC program. When I earn my degree, I’ll commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. To commission, I turn in a résumé of sorts. One thing they look for is “cadet points” earned through participation and volunteering. I decided to step it up and take a more active role in the community. Per usual, I got quite the story…
Boise State hosted the Future Citiy Competiton where middle schoolers build better cities. The concept this year was “Future in Agriculture”. For a whole four hours, I taught kids how to ride a Segway. The BSU College of Engineering literally only has Segways to show off technology at events we host haha. I ain’t e’en mad!
After the Segway closed down for lunch and judging of the competition, I looked around at the displays. About the third table in, I recognized a lot of the kids, since they came through the line for the Segway about five times each. I started asking them questions about their project. Being an engineering major, I was legitimately interested in what these little Einsteins were putting on. But I noticed a few kids standing off to the side, almost as if they were waiting for me to finish my conversation.
At a pause in conversation, I turned to the youngins waiting to my left, and they jumped at the opportunity, exclaiming that their teacher thought I was cute, wanted my number, and said she’d buy them dinner if they got it for her (I came to find out that I am worth Tucano’s).
Per usual, I aim to please, so with amusement, I write my name and number down on one of the tyke’s name tags, and they scurry off. I turn back to the table and continue asking questions, since I’m genuinely interested. Without much delay, the kids come running back and belt out, “She wants to meet you!” I chuckle and ask where she is. They point. Across the entire conference room, there she is, standing there, embarrassed laughing
We chatted for a second, but it was all superficial, she was embarrassed, and closed conversation with, “Well cool. See ya later,” or something to that effect.

I was at the gym a little while later that day when she texted. I was caught a little off guard, since it had only been a couple of hours, but I shrugged it off, figuring she was on a long bus ride home with nothing to do. Luckily for her, my texting game is on point. So if my in-person charm didn’t get her, I won her over with my texts.

I made mention that I’d be over in eastern Idaho Valentine’s Day weekend, and that we should meet up. She also brought up that she’d be in Boise a week or two later, and invited me over to her hotel. Sketch 😳

She came up, I met up with her, then we just went on a walk on the Greenbelt. It ended up being 5 or 6 miles! The coolest thing, though, was that she was never boring. She held a conversation the whole time. I was impressed.
I went with my roommates a week later on a pre-planned trip to Pocatello and Rexburg. She came and got me, then showed me around Idaho State University (ISU), where she was apparently a big deal. She apparently has a picture in the College of Education and everything. Yet to be actually be confirmed, but it was cool. She was really involved when she went there. She wrote the freakin’ tour booklet for the campus—so she was the right one to have show me around.
We got Indian food, stopped by her brother’s house (she hadn’t seen him in a month or two), then she drive up on a hill that overlooked the “city” and just wanted to “get to know each other”. Let me take any doubt out of your minds upfront: she had just gotten on antibiotics for strep throat. There was no way I was letting anything happen.
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It was fun though. I liked seeing her.
She came up a couple weeks into February for one last meeting—a training for one of the competitions her students participated in. We went to dinner at Boise Fry Company on Friday. To be honest, we had joked about kissing, but I was so nervous that I kept putting it off. This time, though. I set the situation via text to where thee was no getting out of it. I showed her around downtown after dinner, then we went back to her room, and I got over it and kissed her. She was a fan, to say the least…

The best, however, is yet to come. She takes me back home, and like no one is home. We’ve all got this dope app called Find My Friends, where you can share your location with others. All of my roomies and I share it with each other, so I flip open the app to figure out where everyone’s at.
I double-take—THEY’RE ALL AT THE HOTEL! At first, I figured my phone just had to load, but I kept hitting refresh with no changes. I call up Myles. “Hey, what’re you guys up to?” “Oh, ya know. We’re just out getting pizza.” “Don’t you lie to me! You’re all at the hotel!”
Our roomie, Logan, works for Dominos. They dressed up, the three of them, as pizza delivery men, went to the hotel, and said they had a delivery for this girl. The guy handed a room number right over.
First of all, three delivery men? He didn’t find that suspicious? Secondly, Corden was in yoga pants. And lastly, he didn’t ask for any proof or whatever. At the least, he could’ve buzzed her down.
I died. So freaking funny. The next day, we both got out of work/meetings early. We hadn’t planned on seeing each other again. We expected it to be a “weekend fling” of sorts, but nothing would happen after. Wrong. She came over for a bit, then I had to feed the missionaries, so we went to Noodles & Co. I invited a buddy that works with me (the only other normal soul in the library) to go with us, since he loves this story. So they met her, as one of the missionaries knew her from the Missionary Training Center in Provo!
She came back over for a bit, but then I had a date afterwards. Long story short, we fell for each other in a weird, fast, awkward situation sorta way. We facetimed every night until I randomly took a trip to see her that weekend.
The whole deal is so strange and funny. What started as a boring trip to Boise “ended” with her (well, her students) finding herself a man~

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