These aren’t my favorite posts, because they’re so sporatic, catching the public up on what’s been going down in my life, but it’s fun to experience so many different things all at once. Grab your popcorn and let those greasy fingers scroll!

Break has been awesome. I was able to chill, de-stress, and still get some work done (although obviously not as much as I planned for myself – not all bad, though). I was sure to work-out Monday and Tuesday, but got busy the rest of the week. I started watching Agents of SHIELD at the gym on my phone 🙂

VainGlory happened. It’s a League of Legends knock-off in the Apple Apps Store. It’s free, it’s awesome, it’s time-consuming. We checked out iPads from the library just to play all break 😉

One night, after a long day, and not wanting to leave the house, a bunch of people came over and tried to get me to leave. I wasn’t having it. So in order to show how unsocial I planned on being, I opened Netflix, went to foreign films, and found this gem in Asian action: Shaolin Soccer! It’s so funny to me. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a funny movie, but we’ve started watching weird kung fu movies. Iron Monkey was #2 🙂

Well, Thanksgiving didn’t go quite as planned. I was originally going to eat with Wendy and her fam. My roomie really wanted to eat with his family, but I told him I had plans. Then, a female comes along and invites me to eat with her family. Uh, okay! I tried to play it cool by saying I was popular this holiday season, but I could make an appearance. She was like, “Oh brother. Well never mind!!” Do people not know me and my sense of humor? I even included this GIF to help convey my tone:

But anyway, I called home and talked to everyone except for Robert (sleeping), then Facetime’d Connor. He wanted to hang out and just have me watch him play video games 🙂

I also skyped Megan, but only to talk to her super-cute niece. She’s like 3, and is, I’m convinced, the cutest toddler out there.

After all of that, I layed on the couch and fell asleep to Hitch. Super funny. I need to watch more Will Smith movies. I rewound it to watch what I missed, then watched The Avengers. I texted this chica asking if her family actually ate on Thanskgiving and she had understood that I was first going to Corden’s and that I was going to text her when I was done. She offered to bring me leftovers… Pass! Myles brought home X-Men: Days of Future Past instead. Finally! Now I only need to see Cap 2 to be caught up on the superhero movies I missed.

For those of you who didn’t know (or reject the reality thereof, such as my roommate, Corden), JJ is the greatest human being I know. My buddy, Connor, called him up to hang out, so JJ played big brother while I was gone and too him to Chick-Fil-A and the comic book store. What more can you ask for in a friend?


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